Mission Statement

To offer exceptional strategic corporate IT concierge services as well as data recovery and destruction services for both commercial and everyday IT consumers.

our approach

Elite information Services takes a partner-focused "concierge" stance toward its customers and the marketplace. Helping our partners find the best solutions without getting bogged down in all the IT jargon and complexities.

corporate solutions

Elite Information Services is the IT concierge for Corporate IT departments and industry leaders across the globe for sectors including construction, manufacturing operations, financial services, national laboratories, and natural resources. Elite provides enterprise scaled managed cloud services, corporate enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, IT Threat Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis (TAVA), Data Management, Network and Infrastructure Design.

Partner Focused

Elite focuses on our partners by taking an unbiased approach in delivering solutions. Elite does not favor specific vendors and only try to squeeze their solutions onto a partner’s business. Instead Elite serves as a concierge to provide the right solution in an understated and efficient manner allowing the partner to focus on their core business.

data services

When hard drives go bad or need to be disposed of, what to do about the sensitive personal and corporate information locked inside is a huge source of anxiety. Elite Data Recovery is an easy solution for recovering your prized memories or strategic corporate data off of the fried hard drive or RAID array with a simple step-by-step no hassle solution. Our Elite Data Destruction service will put you at ease knowing your data cannot be exploited by cybercriminals. Your data is destroyed using NSA approved equipment and NSA recommended techniques.

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